What people think we would become

When i was little i admired doctors and nurses. I really applauded them for going through the moments of saving lives and loosing lives at the same time.  How they convey good news and at the same time find the right words to disseminate bad ones. 

I was really inquisitive. I can remember asking my aunt how kids came about and she often told me that when a man and a woman love each other so much then the woman gets pregnant. Well….i wondered why it had to be the woman getting pregnant.. how about the man, or isn’t the woman loving as well?

I was more concerned about how the baby came out of the stomach. Trust my aunt, she had an answer for every question. Guess what she said, guess!!! Smh she said, “when the child is ready to come out, it comes out from the mouth”. What!!! Did she literally mean that the woman practically vomits her baby?? Hell No! 

Believe me at my age, vagina delivery would have made more sense. God dammit you mean to tell me from the mouth. With the way i was shaking my head i guess she taught she had succeeded in confusing me but “Nah”. She made me more inquisitive which landed me into what i call “presumed career choice”. Yes people.. We are just getting started. 

I was 12 when i started my “oversabi” you can call it “busybody” whichever one you feel comfortable using. I decided to go live with my uncle who is a doctor. It was really exciting seeing what really went on in the hospital. I got to understand the human body.  Not all of it though but as a human being one ought to know about oneself. 

When i talk about certain things related to the human body as a result of my little experience people just concluded that i would make a fine doctor. Just like that.” Seriously”, I mean do you have to be a doctor simply because you know about your body. We make mistakes that should not have been made simply because we rely on medical practioners to study our bodies for us. Here is a saying: “prevention is better than cure”. If we get to know the things harmful to us we get to avoid the need for treatment or cure. How can we know the things harmful to us without understanding how our bodies work??

My knowledge in human science made my parents think that was my field. But in my case it wasn’t. Did i really have the skill? (I answered that  a longtime ago). The part of the world where I come from is where parents, uncles, aunts, friends etc.see a child rebuilding his broken house and say, “this child will be an engineer, an architect”.   When a boy gets the Tv repaired his future has been seen or when a girl dresses corporate you hear,  ” she will be a bank manager”. When you are so good at arguing and defending yourself confidently well.. I hope you know you will become a lawyer. 

Sometimes I wonder what some families had to say about their wards when they fix a torn bag or fix a worn out shoe or fix a broken tap. Probably this may be their comments, “you will make a fine cobbler(shoe-maker as we call it), a fine plumber”. Woe betide you that you mention the above words just because you see how well the child can fix a bag or a shoe. The next words that may come your way may be  ,”It is your child that will be a shoe-maker or plumber”. Just because a child can do certain things at a little age does not mean that is their career in the future. As people grow certain factors influence their choice of career. Each passing year comes with a different interest all together. 



Very welcoming and open to ideas

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