We all have friends or should I say clique of friends….but few of us have healthy relationships (please for the love of God I don’t mean the intimate kinda thing).

Back to what I was saying…a good friend brings out the very best in you..this doesn’t mean that you don’t get into arguments or a fight(my oh my my friend can testify). The good thing is you know exactly how to get back together. At every stage of my life I meet new people.. well you should know that sometimes friendships are temporary depending on the situation. 

The good thing is I learn the good stuffs and do away with the bad stuffs..of course not everyone is a saint. Well..let me introduce you guys to my friend from Equatorial Guinea. We met  two semesters ago and guess what??? ” we clicked”. We sometimes don’t have it all rosy but we rock

!! #teamhealthyfriendships#



Very welcoming and open to ideas

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